Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wisdom...or lack thereof.

The day that I had dreaded for so long came to pass on Thursday morning. I had three wisdom teeth removed with the fourth awaiting removal this coming week. The past few days have revolved around when I take which medicine. I stay awake until 1:00am and wake up again at 5:00am for another dose, making sure that some form of soft food is around to eat prior to the meds entering my body. It's been exhausting. 

This next month seems like it's going to fly by faster than I want it to. I want to freeze time and enjoy every second. I want to spend quality time with those I love; basking in deep conversations laced with humor. I want to experience the freedom of summer before life change comes. My Lynchburg life is ending and I want to hold on it for as long as I can. However, I know that the end is coming closer and closer and the beginning of change is near. Ah, change. I've never been one that likes change and yet, my entire life is changing so soon. I can't even imagine it. It's this brink of excitement and scared out of my mind.

Well, my teeth are hurting and it's time for another med. This blog will be the beginning of a journey of change. Enjoy the ride. :)