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"Christianity in Africa is a mile wide and an inch deep."

I'd heard this saying many times and the longer I lived in Uganda, the more I saw it to be true. With most Ugandan pastors having a 5th grade education and no Biblical training, it was no wonder their churches remained shallow. The lack of Biblical understanding and discipleship meant that not only were people not learning about God in church, but that no one was helping them learn more about God. But, how could this change? God showed me the need could that need be met?

 I found out about ABIDE (Amagara Bible Institute of Discipleship and Evangelism) through some good friends that were also looking into it. The school is for those who have just graduated from high school. There is a nine month free time before college begins and the school utilizes that time to teach life long lessons. Though just for boys, ABIDE is an intense six month discipleship school that digs deep into theology, fleshes out what's learned in ministry as well as teaches life skills. I was invited to come and see if a girls school could be started.

It was like God landed this in my lap and was said, "here's your 'how'". Visiting the school was like watching God unravel His plan before my eyes. It was incredible and made me all the more excited to start something like this for girls.

Culturally, a girl's value is found in her cooking and cleaning skills. The family needs to see that she will be a good wife some day. Education of girls is seen as unnecessary by many as it's not needed to cook or clean. For those that make it through high school, their future is promising. They now have a chance to change their future as well as their country. The discipleship school will deepen their faith in God so that when they get to college, they won't waver. They will have integrity and character as well as skills in sewing and baking. These skills will lead them far in life...far enough to make a difference in their country.

One girl at a time...can change Uganda forever. Inch by inch, going deeper in the Word of God.

For Uganda to be known for integrity and character.
For Uganda to be known as a country seeking after Christ.
For His name to be glorified.

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