Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is this really happening? It's all beginning. I'm at last on the path to Uganda and it's all happening so fast! It's truly incredible how so much is out of my control. God has this thing about reminding me that it's He that is in control. I apparently need reminders. Lots of them, in fact. I daily have to give this whole deal over to God. It is insane how He has orchestrated everything up to this point and I trust that HE will complete this in His time. If all goes well and the money comes in (I'm envisioning thousands of dollars flying at my face), I'll be flying out to Kampala in mid-May. The timeline of all of this is kind of crazy. The unknown details are killer for a planner like myself. Killer. I want to plan everything down to the little details. I'll be having WorldVenture training the last week of April in Denver so I have to decide if I need to move out of Lynchburg the week before or wait until afterwards. All of those unknown make it impossible to plan a flight out there not knowing where I'll be flying from. See? Crazy. I absolutely love that Scripture is chock full of people who have gone through this. Hebrews 11 is an incredible reminder of this. There have been so many that have gone before me that have trusted in a faithful God when all of their circumstances around them are out of their control. My pastor used an excellent illustration of this on Sunday. We're going through Revelation and he brought up the inpeccable timing of God. When God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, His timing was perfect in every way. The sea opened before them at the perfect time. This didn't happen a week prior. It didn't happen two hours too late. No, it opened right when the Israelites needed it. God held back the Egyptians for the perfect time as well. When He let them through, it was just the perfect time for them to get in the sea. It was perfect timing when the seas came back together. Everything was done in God's perfect timing. I can trust that God will take my timeline and change it to His. In His perfect timing, everything will come together. This is His journey. I'm just the traveler following His way.

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