Monday, September 28, 2009

The South Meets Uganda

I'm sitting here in a coffee shop waiting for my roommate to get done tutoring. I was originally sitting in a seat but moved to a table with another random girl so a larger party could sit there. Strangers sitting together. Only in Africa. At first, the party consisted of one Ugandan man who was soon joined by three really cute Ugandan boys. All of a sudden, the Southern invasion began. Three white women who are very obviously from the South joined. They are all obviously in a hurry and were discussing if they had time to eat. They kept asking each other how fast they think this place would be. I started to silently laugh at that question. We are in Africa. There is no such thing as "quick" service here. Food is meant to be enjoyed; not rushed. Posing the question is in itself hilarious.

When the waitress came, one of them asked the waitress. I forget the exact wording but it was almost downright rude. Something like, "will our service be fast?". The waitress said that it would. I silently laughed again. My next laugh came when she ordered. She asked for a muffin and then for a "waTer", emphasis on the "T", and then repeated it about five times. It was as if out of all of the Southern accented words coming out of her mouth, she thought water would be the one that the waitress couldn't understand.

When I see random white people here, I often wonder what brought them here, what they're doing, etc. These women are like a comedy act. Their Southern accents bring back memories and are such a crazy contrast with the Ugandan accent. Southern accents are difficult for Ugandans to understand. I mean, they can be difficult for me to understand. I remember how long it took me to understand my freshman year North Carolinan roommate. For awhile, I feared that I wouldn't be able to communicate with her.

There should be a movie: Steel Magnolias Meets Simba. Something like that. Because that's what's happening five feet to my left.

I could not NOT post about this. I have been laughing over here and trying to hide it. Hope you've enjoyed. :)


Jay said...

Don't hate on southern accents :)

Mary said...

Maybe they needed me to translate for them... HA!