Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leadership Corps Worship

For some reason, our internet here does NOT like to upload videos to facebook. I have all these great videos to show from my time here but error messages abound and it doesn't like to work. I was hoping it would work on HERE. So, let's try this out. :)

This video is from August!...or September. SO LONG AGO. Each site at Hope Alive! has a Leadership Corps made up of those at that site that are, well, leaders. They get extra leadership training and are seriously amazing. In August (or September...I really need to check), we had them ALL come to Kampala for a Leadership Corps conference. It was SO great to meet all of the kids, see them interact as they discovered cultural differences and see how God is working in their lives. Their last night here, we all met at the head office for dinner and a end of the conference meeting. It started to DOWNPOUR like I've never seen here before. Instead of being bummed that they were all stuck inside, they started to worship God. This is one of those "this would so never happen in America" moments. These are all high school kids who are dancing, cheering and praising God.

At the end, they turned on us...HA! I think they were wanting to put us on some shoulders like they did with those mentors. I think I disappeared upstairs for a bit after that to avoid that... :)

It was my honor to be there and witness this. I hope you can get a glimpse at the love for God that these kids have.

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