Sunday, April 29, 2012

Panicked Packing Prayers

It was my last night in Uganda. I was aimlessly putting things together in a panicked state when my friend Hannah entered the room. I was paralyzed by this overwhelming fear and stress of leaving and packing up my life. Seeing my paralyzed state of panic, she took action and started helping me pack.

I’m at that stage again. I ship my entire life’s belongings to Uganda on Tuesday when a shipping container will pull into my driveway. Yesterday, some friends came over to help me pack. When my friend Melissa arrived, I was at That Stage. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to even tell her to start helping. When she and a few others left that night, we were at a far better place in packing. Since we only have two hours to load the container (you read that right), my mom and I have been working at arranging everything how we want it to go. It’s like playing Jenga…only working the opposite way.

In church today, I caught myself doodling the words “stress”, “exhausted” and overwhelmed”.  The enormity of the details of packing all of my earthly possessions and shipping them to Uganda is insane. I’m looking forward to when the container is loaded and drives away, hopefully driving away some stress with it. However, it’s not finished then. It still has to have safe travel in a truck to New York. It will then board a ship that will go down around South Africa and into that pirate infested Indian Ocean until it ports in Mombasa, Kenya. It will go through customs there and then get on a truck to drive across Kenya. It goes through customs at the Kenya/Uganda border and then ends up at my house in Kampala. Do I even need to mention that it needs safe travel on those crazy African roads?

All this to say, I need prayer. Big time.

-       for the rest of the packing and arranging  of everything
-       I have to inventory and value everything still. Pray for wisdom and guidance with this.
-       Pray that I fill out all the forms correctly and that I do everything right on my end so that nothing gets messed up on that end due to some mistake.
-       Pray that everything goes well for Tuesday. Pray that we have enough strong people show up. Pray that we get everything to fit according to plan in the container. Pray that it’s all done in the two hour allotted time.
-       Pray for the safe travel of the container through America, oceans, customs, and African roads.
-       Pray for my customs agents. Pray that they are people of integrity. Pray that they will not ask for bribes. Pray that there will be no hold up of the container in customs.
-       Pray that I put my trust in the Lord, give Him control of the details of my life and rest in Him.

I officially now have 22 days left in the States before I board that one way flight back home to Uganda. I have a lot to do before that day comes. Though I’m bogged down and stressed out with all of these details here, that’s my light at the end of this insane tunnel. Thinking of reuniting with my dear friends and kids brings such joy in my heart! I smile and tear up every time that I think of it. That’s my joy right now. That’s what I’m holding onto. That’s what is keeping me going. 

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