Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have this whole post that I wrote on Word while on a layover and my attempts to copy it in have been unsuccessful. Boo. I'll try that later. Your disappointment has to be intense. Don't fret. It's coming...soon.

Tomorrow I head to the great ATL (that's Atlanta, GA for all of those non-ghetto folks out there)! I'll get to spend time with my amazing friend Jill and then I'll be speaking another friend's church south of Atlanta sharing about Uganda. I'll be roadtripping with my friend Mary where she'll be teaching me the ways of the South. I call her my Southern public speaking coach. My Midwestern quick talk has to be slooooweeed dooooown. I'm not good at that. I want everyone to know everything AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Hand me some grits and slow me down.

I did something for the first time a few days before my brother's wedding. Yes, I am 26 years old (man, I feel old) and I had yet to ever have acrylic nails. I feel froofy. I'm now one of "those" girls. You know the ones. They get their nails did all the time. They pound on the make-up. They're always wearing the latest trends. And yes, they have acrylic nails. It's been quite the adjustment. My typing skills have plummeted. The sound of my nails hitting the keys could wake up a small child.  I accidentally scratch people. I pick the acrylic. A lot. I'm constantly playing with them. I drum my nails on every surface I can find. This isn't a negative for me (it's becoming a fun addiction) but for others it is. I'm just not a froofy girl. This will most likely be a plus in Uganda.

Last weekend, I spent at a friend's house all by myself. They were gone for the weekend and I holed up there to read and relax. It was amazing. I at last finished "Shadow of the Almighty". I feel as though I could write a book about just what God taught me through Jim Elliot's life. The daily surrender. The focus on the Lord. The determination to share the incredible news of Christ. The willingness to give all and die for such a mission. All of it struck so close to my heart.

I feel like time is flying. I kind of want it to just stop. Days come and go. Weeks pass. I mean, people, it is almost April! This is just crazy! Where exactly did March go? I have no clue. My expected departure date is coming soon. This slightly freaks me out. I feel as though I can't even think about the future until I know more about it. Once the money comes in, the tickets can be bought and then it'll all seem so real. I'll have a flight plan. It'll be official. So. please, pray that everything comes in! I want to GO! I've been sharing about Uganda in small groups and will continue to. Every time it reminds me of what He has done, what He is doing and what He will do. He has truly brought me a long way.

Currently watching American Idol. Cannot believe Scott is safe and Matt is still in the bottom two. My votes on Danny Gokey. All the way. 


Beth said...

Can I get an american idol witness for my man matt g! PS- just reminded of the videos you sent me. Too much...too much. I watched them...then had to call for manda to come watch and said things like "watch this part" while she was looking over my shoulder...watching.

I love the Uganda updates. I can now RSS the blog. How technologically advanced of me. haha!

Steve said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah - I am at the Edkin house and saw a card on the fridge that had this blogspot URL. Sounds like u have been doing exciting stuff. What did you learn the most on your trip? :o)