Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Day of Contrasts

I had mentioned in my last e-mail update (insert random plug for my e-mail update. If you're not on that and want to be, let me know) I mentioned how one of the biggest transitions I'm having is that Kampala is such a contrasting city. I had such a day yesterday.

Friday's are my day off (oh blessed day off!). After making a bazillion flour tortillas the night before at Brian and Renee's, Renee and I planned to go to lunch the next day. She told me that she had the perfect place in mind. We drove into town and went to the Serena Hotel. As we walked in, I stated that it felt as though we were no longer in Kampala. That was the point. It was like our own little getaway without having to spend a bazillion dollars to spend the night there. Out of the five restaurants there, we chose to eat poolside and the little snack place down there. This should show you my view: click here


Surrounded by palm trees, a beautiful pool and a cool breeze, we caught some sun (I currently look related to a lobster), chatted and ate. It was so relaxing. 

After that, I went with Dorothy and Kate for home visits. From an upscale hotel to a slum.

What a contrast.

It doesn't seem like these two places can exist in the same city and yet, they do. It's insane.

I've been looking at the size of my bedroom lately. By American standards, it's a decent size but nothing incredible. Since I've visited many of the homes here, I've come to realize that my bedroom is larger than most of the homes that I've been visiting. These are some random people I'm visiting. It's families that I know. It's kids that I've come to love. Entire families of five or more living in a space smaller than my bedroom.

What insane contrasts. I have so much more than I deserve.

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