Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hot and Cold

My first month here in Uganda has been perfect weather-wise. Every day was just gorgeous; not too hot, not too cold.

That is until this past week. It has been SO HOT. I don't think I realize how hot things are until there's no AC to cool off in. I've woken up every night this past week drenched in sweat. I bought a ceiling fan that will hopefully be installed soon to let me sleep in coolness. 

Speaking of cold... 

I caught one on Sunday. I held this ADORABLE baby girl on Sunday. She started getting fussy so her mom came and took her from me. As she took her, she informed me that she was sick and that's why she was getting fussy. Um, thanks for the warning ahead of time. Luckily, today, I feel a TON better than I did yesterday. Hopefully the congested exhausted insanity will be done soon.

I realize that this is such a riveting blog post after my previous one. I am, however, THRILLED that many of you told me your dumb stories. I feel MUCH better about myself. :)

OH, and I drove to work this morning! I'll be driving ALL BY MYSELF to work tomorrow. Yikes. Kampala morning traffic. Me in my huge Prado. I need some prayers.

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