Monday, March 8, 2010

Cute Moments

Since I work with kids, there's many moments that are just cute. They're usually hard to explain unless you know the child but I thought you'd appreciate them.

We have a Bible time with the different age groups during Saturday Club. A few Saturday's ago, I sat in with the lower primary kids. It was a rainy day which made everyone all the more antsy and distracted. In the midst of one of those extra distracted moments, I caught Agnes' eye. Agnes is one of our tiniest kids. She's not one of the youngest but she's just little! Her nickname by many of the kids is "Baby". She's also downright adorable, as you can see. The picture above was taken at our Fun Day after I painted her face. Cutest little kitten you've ever seen, right? With our eyes caught, I blew a kiss at her. She immediately clasped her hand on her cheek to show where the kiss had landed. I about melted to the floor.

During that same Bible session, there was another irresistibly cute moment. Meet Andrew. This picture was also taken on Fun Day after he got his face painted making him look more like a girl and taking away from the absolute cuteness that is Andrew. Just know, he's one of the sweetest and cutest boys ever. For real. Right after I regained my composure after Agnes' cuteness, I caught eyes with Andrew and winked at him. Most kids don't know how to wink here but it's been my determination that I WILL teach them all how to wink, cross their eyes and make a fish face. True essentials for life, I tell you. To my absolute surprise and enjoyment, Andrew winked right back! Two ridiculously cute moments in the span of five minutes was almost too much for me. It was all I could do to hide my reactions and not be even more of a distraction.

There's many times that I can't get over the adorableness (that's totally a word) of watching the kids worship God. They get so into it by clapping and dancing. Where so many are too self-conscious to do it (um, that'd be me), they dance with all their little hearts. Or when we pull up to Saturday Club and they all surround the vehicle pining to be the first that gets a hug. This usually ends up in a mass group hug.

For so many, I look at them in awe. I know their stories and backgrounds. And yet, they come with wide smiles and huge hugs. Through all that they've gone through, you see the incredible weight of responsibility that they carry. Kids here generally have a lot of responsibility in ways that we would never even think of doing in America. But, kids are still kids. It's moments like these that remind me of that.

I know that I'm forgetting about 5000 other cute moments but I'm tired and we're about to watch a movie and since it's Women's Day, I win. :) I'll try to keep this as a running topic though so I can share with you the other incredibly irresistible cute moments that I'm lucky enough to experience. Perhaps you'll fall in love with these kids just like I have.

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