Friday, March 5, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

While I could list for you quite a few of my favorite things (the pumpkin pancakes I made this morning would be hitting near the top of the list), there's parts of my life here that truly amaze me. One of my favorite parts of my job (my official admin. asst. job, that is) is seeing the relationship that is developed between sponsors and their kids. For many, it's just a $35 check that they write each month. For others, it's a chance to develop a relationship with a child in Uganda and truly be a part of changing their life. Part of my job has me going through the packages that sponsors send to their kids. I crazy love it. I love that they even care enough to send a package full of goodies that they want to give their child. I love that they write letters to them, pray for them and LOVE them. Even better, I love reading the letters that the kids write back to them. Many of the kids refer to their sponsors as "mum and dad" because for many of them, it's the only mom and dad they've ever really known. Gets me all teary.

An example of this amazing relationship came into my Inbox this week. One of our sponsors sent Christmas gifts to her three children back in December. The box was returned to her since the post office here never notified us of it and they sent it back. She went to her local post office and the below happened. Her story warmed my heart and with her permission, I share it with you now in hopes that you're also amazed at how the love of Christ can pour through so many:

After struggling as to why God would not allow this package to be delivered to our sponsored kids in the first place, He answered that question yesterday in a unique way as He allowed me to do a little "advertising" for Hope Alive at the post office yesterday. After being there at noon and getting the full explanation as to why the package was returned and what it would cost me to send it again, (I had to pay for the postage of it being sent back as well as the postage to send it again.), I returned and asked to speak with the postmaster who was in on the noon conversation. When she came around the corner and I told her I had decided to resend the package, she looked at me and said, " You realize you have to pay $38.81 to get it back plus $56 to send it again?" "Yes, I realize that." "You are willing to pay nearly $100 to resend this package with no guarantees that it will arrive and not be delivered? Why? Why would you do that?" I then pulled the three pictures of our kids out of my purse and put them on the counter. " Here are the three reasons why. How can I not send it again? They are waiting for their Christmas presents from us". With tears in her eyes, she turned and gave instructions to the postal clerk. I then gave her a DVD of our trip to Uganda 2 years ago as to which she replied, " I will make sure everyone in this office sees this." Who knows...maybe another sponsorship or two will come of this. At least I got my answer as to why the kids didn't get the package the first time sent. Dunlap post office needed to see the ministry of Hope Alive!

Oh, sorry, do you need a tissue? Because I might. I LOVE her love for these kids. Please join me in praying that these packages will AT LAST get to her kids but that above all, these kids will see the immense love of Christ that is flowing through their sponsor.

Life change is something that's easily seen here. This child's life was once like this but NOW it's like THIS. This child hadn't gone to school in years because of lack of money but NOW they're back in school. This child never knew anyone loved them but NOW they know about a God who loved them so much He would die for them, plus they have a mentor who is involved in their life and BONUS: they have a sponsor who, though thousands of miles away, loves them as well. Sponsors shrink the distance between them and the children of Uganda by being a part of this awesome life change. And I, the lucky one, get to see it. I encourage you all to sponsor a child. I wish words could do justice for the difference that you will make in a child's life. In this way, I wish you could see what I see. Pray about it. Seek His face. And change the world for Christ, one child at a time.

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