Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running to Stand Still

U2 worded it well when they wrote "running to stand still". No really. That's how I feel. This past couple weeks have been a blur of activity. I can't even remember that many specifics as it's all just flown by. Let's just start with the weekend.

Saturday was commencement. Let's be honest here. I am thrilled that I will, Lord willing, NEVER be working Liberty's commencement service again. With that, I've fully discovered my absolute need for a full weekend. With my Saturday gone, I was exhaaauuusted on Saturday night. I came home in a daze and slept for two hours. Without energy to make a meal, I picked up some food and a movie thus spending my Saturday night singing along to High School Musical 3. Am I too old for this? Perhaps. :)

Sunday was a crazy busy social day! I spoke at a Sunday School at Thomas Road on Sunday morning then went over to the Verstraete household for lunch/taking pictures of cute kids/figuring out how to make a ginger glaze/getting repeatedly wished "Happy Mother's Day!" by a 5 year old/having a blast. My pregnant friend Brooke was in town so I HAD to go see her and that baby belly! It was great to catch up with her and feel little Ryland moving around. After that, I headed over to Amy and Derek's for HOMEMADE RAVIOLI. This is a big deal. Allow me to explain. Amy is Italian and her family makes incredible homemade Italian food for big family events, specifically Palm Sunday. I have casually (incessantly?) suggested that I would want some of this and have hinted (strongly) that it'd be awesome to go home with her for one of these events. All to no avail. Alas, this past Palm Sunday, they saved enough homemade ravioli for me to have some! At last!! It was melt in your mouth delicious and reminded me of when I was in Italy last year. Mmm.

With my weekend being packed, I started off this week exhausted and it's yet to calm down. Luckily, tonight I have NO plans. Here's MY plan:
-Go home.
-Get in sweats.
-Write ALL of my "thank you" cards that I'm ridiculously behind on.
-Make some more support letter envelope deals.
-Clean my room. This would be hours worth of organizing so I'm just hoping to make a small dent.

Most likely, I'll cook dinner which I haven't done in what seems like forever. I've really missed cooking. My basil plant is feeling sorely neglected. After that, I'll tackle my "thank you"cards while watching American Idol. Anything above this will involve me patting myself on the back as I did more than anticipated.

I'm currently toying with the idea of going to New Hampshire in a couple weekends. There's a church to speak at and some good friends to see. There's also cheap tickets! It'll make things a little extra crazy hence my debate. We'll see!

These upcoming days and weeks are all going to fly by and I know it. I'm trying to spend time with as many people as possible. Get as much done as I can. Cherish each and every moment that I can. Sigh. It makes me want to hold onto each day. To freeze time and make every second go slower. At the same time, every single day I have gotten more excited to get over to Uganda! I can't believe that it's all actually happening! That God has given me the honor to go over and be a part of changing Uganda for His sake! That I will be given the privilege to be a part of these hurting kids lives! I can't believe it. God is so good to me!

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