Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tickity Tick

This morning was a morning like every other. My alarm went on at 6:30am. I squinted, turned off my alarm and groaned. Insert a few blinks of the eyes here to encourage them to open. Stumble to a shower. As I was drying off, I noted this weird dot on my arm. At first I just thought it was a little blood spot which made me wonder when I injured myself. A closer look revealed legs. A tick! How the heck did I get a tick? When did it get on there? How did it get on there?

Prior to a few months ago, I had never even dealt with a tick. It was when I was dogsitting for the weekend that I had my first experience. The dogs came in from outside and one of them, my favorite Moags, jumped up into my lap. I noticed a big random black bump on his ear and went to inspect it. Never having seen a tick attached and huge before, I wasn't really sure what it was but figured it might be a tick. I called the Reesman's and they gave me advice on how to remove it. Of course it had to be the most active dog in the house that I needed to sit still while I attempted to stick hot objects on the tick. FYI, I no longer believe that anything hot will make a tick stick its head up. It's getting a huge buffet of food and neither time did the tick budge. Anyway, I at last got some tweezers and removed the huuuge tick from his ear. I don't think Moags appreciated all my effort as he wanted to get away from the hot objects but whatever. I saved his life and I knew it. :)

Back to this morning. When I realized it was a tick, I couldn't believe it. Seeing legs moving and knowing there was a head underneath it sucking away was sick. Groooss. Luckily, Mrs. Reesman was my lifesaver and tweezed it out. I've been researching Lyme's Disease all morning because, yes, I am that paranoid. It would totally be my luck to have some form of crazy disease right before I'm moving to another continent. Here's to hoping that I don't get Lyme's!

On an American Idol note, Adam didn't win and with Danny gone, that's all I cared about. I like singers, not screechers. Danny totally deserved the win though!

On a Uganda note, I am getting SO EXCITED to go! I feel like I can't even begin to express the absolute excitement inside of me! I want to just burst! I cannot wait to get over there...baring any deadly disease, of course. :)

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Andrea Oberhelman said...

Yikes!! I hate ticks! I hope they don't have them in Africa :)