Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter thoughts and more

I feel as though so much has happened that I'm debating on what all to include. Not to mention my mind feels so scattered and overwhelmed but I am just so overdue for an update! I'll try to tie everything together and hopefully it all makes sense. For your sake, I'm hoping so.

My parents came to town last Friday so it was great to spend Easter with them. They also helped pack up most of my earthly belongings that I have left here in Lynchburg. What is still here I am referencing as the "remnants", aka. what I'll need for the rest of my time here. 

Easter brought loads of thoughts going through my head. Due to the discussion at my small group on Monday and then discussing at another small group on Thursday to speak, these thoughts were rehashed over and over again in my mind. My pastor went over John 12 on Palm Sunday, taking a break from our study in Revelation. For some reason he didn't think going over the Mark of the Beast on Palm Sunday was good. Go figure. :) 
Here's my main one:
-John 12 is the first indication that Judas had some greed issues. It wasn't anything huge. He was just taking some money here and there. I mean, he was a good guy. He was a disciple which tells us that he was good enough to be chosen as one of the twelve. His little sin grew; grew so much that the offer of thirty pieces of silver caused him to betray Christ. Hidden sin causes a foothold for Satan that grows...and grows.

This weekend I'll be heading to Virginia Beach to speak at a church. The 24th I will be heading to Denver for my training at WorldVenture. I heard from Catharine, the head missionary in Uganda. She encouraged me in how they're anticipating my arrival. I am so anxious to get there! 

I'm definitely in need of prayer. I'm overwhelmed and stressing out. The uncertainties of life are hard. I have no control over anything and it's difficult. Obviously, it's all in His hands. It's just hard to hand it over.

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