Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Do

Tonight's a busy one and it's already almost 10. Dangit. I had dinner at my favorite Korean family's house so my stomach is happily full of yummy food. Unfortunately, I'm way behind on what I need to be doing. Alright, here's part of my list:
1. Pack for Denver. I'll be leaving TOMORROW for training at WorldVenture. Can't wait! I'll spend Friday-Sunday with my aunt and uncle and then head to headquarters. That sounds so serious: "headquarters". I'm like a secret spy.
2. Paint my nails with nail strengthener. They got pansy weak with the acrylic on them. (check)
3. Address and stamp my thank you cards.
4. Pay some bills.
5. Wash some clothes. (check)
4. Change my profile picture on facebook. I've had that one up for what seems like forever. (almost check)
5. Organize the madness of my room. This might have to wait until I return.
6. Figure out how I'm going to get everything that I need to done tomorrow before I board that plane.

Whew. Ok, here I go! Pray that I'm teachable at training and that I learn tons!

(Check me out! I just wrote TWO posts in ONE week. I'm trying to be more consistent. Aren't you proud of me!? Let's see if I can keep this up...)

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