Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Great Weekend

Real quick update to say that this past weekend was just amazing and exactly what I needed. This whole process has been a huge rollercoaster of ups and downs with last week being a huge down of disappointments and discouragements. A breaking point was reached and God broke me of a lot. It was all much needed but difficult. It's all a process that I'm still going through.

On Saturday, my traveling Southern translator friend Mary and I traversed to Virginia Beach. We ended up arriving later then expected (don't follow just any sign to Virginia Beach...) so we had a late lunch/early dinner at this incredible restaurant a few blocks from the beach. We then walked down to the beach and happily strolled for awhile down the shore. The water was ridiculously cold so we didn't venture in. After that, we walked the boardwalk in search of the best salt water taffy one could find. It was a harder search than anticipated. After buying some that looked mediocore (which were deemed "crappy taffy"), we found the motherload of amazing fresh incredible taffy. Four pounds of taffy between the two of us later, we headed back to the car to traverse to the McFarland's. After changing and de-grossifying ourselves, we all went out to dinner and had great conversation. They both showed us such love and care. It was truly a refreshing time. The next morning we headed to church, with a quick stop at 7-11 for my caffienne addiction. I've always wanted to go to a black church and on Sunday, I got my wish. Mary and I were, I think, one of about five white people and I LOVED it. I felt like I was back in Africa, only there was AC and it wasn't as formal. I have never felt so welcomed in a church in my life. I should have counted how many hugs I received. If I lived remotely near, I would totally attend there. Mary and I kept commenting to each other how much we were just loving the service and the people. Talk about refreshing! It was a two hour service that felt like 30 minutes. A group of us headed to lunch afterwards and it was a great time! Heading back to Lynchburg, we reflected on the love of this part of the body of Christ. God knew that I needed this weekend to refresh and be encouraged. Whew. It was so great!

This Friday, I will fly to Denver! I'll spend the weekend with my aunt and uncle and then head to Littleton for training at WorldVenture. I cannot wait to meet everyone that has helped me so much on this crazy journey!

Soo...want some taffy? I got plenty to share.

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