Thursday, June 18, 2009

God Is Detail Oriented

The eye of the storm has officially passed and the rest of the storm has arrived. The days are passing WAY too fast. Is there a way to add hours in a day? Currently, my mind is in overdrive. Since my ticket is bought and I have a date, it's been crazy. My to do list is growing. My mind just races and races. There are SO many details that need to be taken care of. As I'm a planner, this is crazy. There's so many things to do and there's no way I can get it all done.

Enter God. 

You know, He's been along the whole time. When I've felt He was there, when I didn't. When I tried to control things on my own when He was the one really in control. God's been all over this whole process. I'm not sure why I thought He'd ditch me with all of these details left. I thought I'd list some of the cool things God has done so far just so that you can see what He's been doing and be as amazed as I am.

Flight: Whew. The flight. I'd been checking out flights on Orbitz for months checking out options to get to Uganda. When I finally got the clear to buy my ticket from WorldVenture, I was then able to check out the oh-so-cool missionary travel website that has missionary fares. I had gotten the clear from the Catharine in the Uganda field to come whenever but I e-mailed the dates that I was looking at. I went ahead, bought the tickets. I heard back from Catharine the next day saying that the date that I was looking at worked because there was a team coming in that same day and to check to see if I could get on their flight from Amsterdam to Entebbe. With my ticket already booked, I checked to see if it was the same flight. It was. So instead of flying to Uganda alone and going through the customs and visa lines alone, I'll be with a whole team. That's if I can find them in the airport, of course. I'm debating on holding some sort of obnoxious airport sign like, "Do you know about Hope Alive! Come say 'Hi'" or something like that.

Phone: I need a specific kind of phone to use in Uganda. My friend Jill answered a huge prayer when she said that she had one that I could take with me there. That was detail #1. There was a slight incident where the phone got dropped and was left outside in the rain for a day. Details details. Because of this, Jill wasn't sure if it would work as it wasn't turning on for her. She brought it up when she came to Lynchburg this past weekend. We took it to the AT&T store to see if they could get it to work. I prayed throughout our visit but deep down, I knew it'd work. Why? Because why would God stop here? He's seriously done so much. I knew that it would work. The AT&T worker came back and said that he found no problems. My God is big into details.

Selling my stuff: A big stresser is getting rid of the things that I still have which consist of my desk, dresser and car. The desk and dresser were pretty much goners within hours. The car is the biggie. I really want to sell it as is and not for parts. Selling it for parts would be a whole new stress that I have no idea how to do. I put all three of these up on craigslist last week. Within hours, the e-mails were pouring in. I'm still negotiating stuff with the car but I have about four people checking it out. He absolutely amazes me.

There's so many other things but truly, I can't bring my mind think. My mind right now is just going going going. If I'm sitting still, my mind seems to take that as a cue to just run through every other possible thing that I should be doing. While my mind is overwhelmed with all that I should be doing, it doesn't seem to be connecting with everything else. All of this still seems surreal. In one week I will be flying out of Lynchburg, leaving eight years of memories and friendships behind. In two weeks, I will be taking a one way flight to Uganda. When exactly will this seem real? Hopefully soon. It'll make all the goodbyes seem more real. 

Of all the unknowns that still remain, there are some things that I do know. I know that I have a faithful God. He hasn't brought me through all of this, made all of this happen to just leave me thousands of miles away from everything I know. That's not my God. My God is not only preparing me for Uganda, but is preparing Uganda for me. He will not just go with me but will stay with me. As I long for true friends who are thousands of miles away, He will become my Best Friend. As confusion of the culture and life overwhelm me, He will be my comfort and guide. I have to completely rest in HIM. This will be hard. I know it. He's stripping everything that I know away and taking me where He truly wants me. 

(this blog took me DAYS to write. when will I be able to focus again!? :))

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