Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Bestest Boogs

I'm sitting here comfortably inside while the weather outside is raging. The sound of the heavy rain, the rumbles thunder, the flashes of lightning. It's an intense storm! Tomorrow, I'm heading to Charlotte to visit Laura and Dar. Laura and I determined long ago when we were roommates my sophomore year of college that we were destined to be forever friends. As my time to leave is drawing nearer and nearer, I know that this will be the last time that I see her and Dar for at least the next two years. I'm excited to spend the weekend with them and am REALLY excited to get to go to a doctor's appointment with them and hear Hudson's heartbeat!

I've been thinking over different memories with Laura to put on here. We first met when she walked in the dorm room. She was the random freshman that my friend and I were to have in our room. It's the dread of every student: a random freshman in your room. Over the course of the months, we realized that we clicked and got along great. At some point, I think Laura called me a booger or something. This got shortened to "boogs" and it just became our name for the other. The next year, we were both Spiritual Life Directors but on different sides of campus. That year we met once a week to catch up, be accountable, etc. I cherished those times together. It was a chance amidst the insanity of life to share my struggles, thoughts and just life. Our friendship has always been based on authenticity and realness. These conversations set the foundation for that and it continues to this day. As Dar and Laura started dating when her and I were roommates, I've gotten to know him over the years as well. Because of this, their wedding was one of my favorites. I was honored to watch their relationship that was so strong in the Lord that it drew them together in Him. They became a model relationship for me and I admired them for it. It's awesome to see how they balance the other out. As they've lived in Charlotte for the past few years, it's been a test to see how our friendship will last when a part. With our great foundation and commitment to our friendship, she's one of the people that I keep up with the most. Once we discovered Skype, it took it to a whole new level! One of my favorite things is video chatting with her and Dar. It makes me feel like we're just chillin' on their couch in Charlotte talking about life, God and everything under the sun. No matter where the other has been, we've always kept in touch. As she's about to have her first child and as I'm about to move to Uganda, we both know that change is coming quickly. Lasting friendships change with each other through life's different stages. I'm so excited to pray and care for Laura even though we're thousands of miles apart. One of the hardest parts about leaving is that I won't be here when Laura has Hudson. I've always wished to be there to help Laura along the way as well as care for her children when I could. Though I'll mainly see Hudson through Skype, I already know that because of who his parents are, he will be loved and cared for. Aunt Sarah will just have to send the lovin' thousands of miles away. These kinds of friends are treasures that one holds onto forever. Forever friends, indeed. Bestest Boogs.

On a Uganda update, once all of the verbal commitments are in, I'm good to go! So, Lord willing, a ticket will be bought soon!! Yesss! :) I have an idea now of when I'll get to go, it just needs to become official. When it does, you'll know. Trust me. I'll be shouting from some rooftops near you.

Laura and I!

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