Saturday, June 27, 2009


I don't think I've ever realized how much "stuff" I have until tonight. My hopes for getting everything that I have left here in Lynchburg in two suitcases might be dashed. We'll see how sitting on them works. Even staring at my empty closet isn't helping anything sink in. I guess it's good that all of these goodbye's don't seem real. 

This past week at work has been surreal. I've worked in that building for seven years; four of those being full time. I know way too much about the location of every room, office, professor; especially that Christian Service office. I have story after story of weird phone calls, not to mention awkward students that have come in. I have developed incredible friendships with my co-workers, student workers not to mention the amazing professors and my bosses. I have LOVED my job. Most people in this world cannot say that. I know that I've been incredibly blessed. 

As I packed up my desk, I remembered when I had filled it. I remember when I got my nameplate. I felt oh so important and official. I remember when I first took the job, Jill, my predecessor, told me that the job was intensely dependent on the ability to multi-task. She wasn't kidding. This job has taught me so much. That God is using what I've learned these past four years in another continent is baffling. Only Him.

With all that packing today, I'm exhausted. Here's to hoping that my suitcases actually close!

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