Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Delirious In First Class

I'm planning on having an entire first class post later but let's be clear, the state of my mind at this point is not ready for that. You, internet, are not ready for that. My flight to Amsterdam was supposed to be my sleeping Ambien induced flight. Didn't work. Ugh. So now I'm even groggier than ever and just...woozy. Woozy sounds like nausea's involved which it isn't. It's more like a "woooooooooo" where everything is kind of spinning and you think you'll find your head near the ceiling.

All this to say, I'm in Amsterdam and I got here FIRST CLASS. I seriously kept waiting for them to come up to me and say, "ma'am, I'm sorry, we've made a mistake. We need you to move to the back of the plane where you belong...". But instead, I was treated like a queen. Amazing. More details on that later.

Since my eyes keep opening and closing, I'm taking that as a hint from my body that I should stop typing things for people to see when I'm in this state...although I'm sure at some point this would get entertaining.

See you in KAMPALA!! :)

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