Monday, December 28, 2009

Delusional Ambien-Related Travel Moments

As I'm waiting in the airport for my flight back to Uganda, I'm reminded of my many travel incidents. I'm sure many of you and your distant cousins have heard of a particular delusional moment on my first trip to Kenya related to Ambien. If you haven't, meet Maria Marsico. She'll exaggerate a tale for you with crazy noises. :)

The trip to America was mainly non-eventful...or so I thought. It came to me in two different instances. While at Wal-mart this past week, I saw their Redbox rental machine and noted that I could rent "Up". I had heard about "Up" and had really wanted to see it so I happily rented it. I popped it in that night and realized that I HAD seen it. It was on one of my flights to America. While mom and I were watching it, I kept thinking, "gosh, this movie is SO short. It's going to end soon right when the house lands by the waterfall". The house landed kept going! I then realized that I, in fact, had not seen the entire movie. That made me start to attempt to remember that flight...and it all was fuzzy. I couldn't tell you WHEN I saw the first part of "Up". Was it at the beginning of my flight? Near the end? No clue. I couldn't even tell you one detail about the person I sat next to because I don't remember a thing. Here's what I do remember. I brought a water bottle on the plane (security was AWESOME in Kampala) so I could take my Ambien right away since that was my sleeping flight. Otherwise I have to wait until they serve drinks and you don't know WHEN that will be and you're losing good sleeping time. See? Totally makes sense.

Another fun detail. I was uploading my HUNDREDS of pictures from the past month and a half from my camera onto my computer. I came across this picture:

I have this vague memory. I took my Ambien. They gave us drinks. Then, a meal came. I remember that there was something funny about the meal. I remember thinking, "Ha, that's funny. I need to take a picture of this". That's it. Nothing more. It looks like there's bananas on there? But I somehow remember chicken? Mashed potatoes maybe? NO IDEA.

So I'm thinking that maaaaybe I was watching "Up" while I ate my meal and then passed out for the rest of the flight. That's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Things like this make me wonder if just maybe I should not take Ambien when I'm in public. But oh, how amazing it is to conk out for an entire flight instead of to attempt to sleep, be drowsy and stare aimlessly at movies. Oh, that's another flight detail about me. I'll watch movies on planes and then remember nothing. I can usually barely remember the titles much less what the movie was about when I deplane.

I have issues.

So, as usual, my reality is surreal. I'm sitting here in the airport awaiting my flight to Atlanta and then onto Amsterdam. Oh, security there right now? Can you imagine? I don't want to. THAT reality is not going to be fun. My Ambien flight this time around is the one from Atlanta to Amsterdam. Get excited. Stories will surely abound. From Amsterdam, I head HOME to Uganda. Ahh, I can't wait! :)

Goodbye America. Helloooo Uganda!!

(And Ambien, hello to you toooo...zzzz...)

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