Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miracles: Big and Small...and a little more. :)

Tomorrow, I fly back to America. Whoa. I’ll be there for three weeks over Christmas but in ways it seems like forever. I don’t know if I’m ready for America yet. So, here I sit, the night before. We’ve been listening to old school John Mayer while making an impromptu Mexican fiesta. His music is nostalgia and greatness mixed in one. This is seriously the most organized I’ve been before a flight in my life. It’s probably because I’m barely packing any of my actual stuff. I have no clothes that I’m bringing besides what I’m wearing on the plane. I will pack my one sweatshirt that I brought to Uganda. I’ve yet to wear it here.

These past few days (weeks?) have been crazy. My main concern? Being able to leave the country. We’ve been waiting for my special visa to get cleared and in that process, those government offices need my passport. That’s cool and all unless you want to like, leave the country or something. I hadn’t really remembered it until Saturday when I started to get nervous. You can’t quite get through airport security without one of those bad boys and I didn’t know what I would do if it didn’t come through.

On Sunday, I talked to Robert, the amazing guy who works on all those details for us. He expressed concern and doubt that everything would go through before Wednesday but said he would “shake” them on Monday. I wasn’t sure what shaking included but I was a fan for anything that would get me my passport back.

Enter Monday. I text Robert and don’t hear back.

Enter today, Tuesday. We have a holiday program for the kids called Breakaway. During that time, Robert stopped by. I joined him outside to talk visa business. He said, “Sarah, I don’t think you’re going to be able to go to the US tomorrow”. I, thinking he was joking, said “are you serious!?” in a semi-joking way. He replied that he was indeed serious as he didn’t see how it would happen.

Oh, it hit me then. Worry flooded my stomach making it tighten. I mean, what if? What if the office refused to put my visa through quickly? What if they lost my passport, like has happened to many others? What if this wasn’t done in time and I couldn’t get on my flight? All the plans I've made so far with friends flashed in my head and I prayed that I wouldn't have to miss out on such times.

Questions pounded through my head as I prayed throughout themorning for God to work some kind of miracle. I prayed that Robert’s existing relationships in that office would help things run smoothly. I prayed that they could find my file and my passport. I prayed that the office would not require a bribe for everything to be completed. I prayed that God would miraculously make this happen.

Robert came by at some point to tell me that it would be ready by 2:00pm tomorrow. While I was thrilled that they had a time, it’s Africa. Things don’t necessarily happen at the time that they are planned. In fact, they rarely ever are. I’m leaving tomorrow for the airport at 6:00pm. It didn’t give me a lot of space for error.

This afternoon, Robert stopped by the office beaming with my passport in hand. I was THRILLED! I couldn’t believe how fast it all happened! Robert voiced surprise at how quickly everything was taken care of but I KNEW why. I KNEW Who was in control. Tomorrow will consist of getting all of my last minute details and packing together. I am seriously the USPS for the Ugandan missionaries. My trunks are full of letters and packages that everyone is sending to their loved ones for Christmas. Wait, does this make me Santa? I need to find a USPS uniform or a Santa costume, whichever one is warmer so I don't die of frostbite as I enter the arctic.

I look forward to seeing many of you during my time home. If we hang out, let it be indoors where I can be warm and pretend that I’m in a tropical climate again, ok? Ok.

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