Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Delirious Thoughts While On A Layover

Well, it's official. I'm in AMERICA! I have all these random thoughts running through my head of all the random and interesting (well, you can decide that one for yourself) things that I've gone through these past 4000503409 hours of traveling...of which I'm not even done. I'm on my 5 hour layover in Atlanta and desperate to make the time go faster. You receive the benefits of this.

-For some grand reason, I thought getting an ICED drink was a brilliant plan. Since I don't normally get things iced in Uganda, I was treating myself. I didn't factor in the general coldness of this place. My teeth are currently chattering and I'm slightly shaking. Why did I come back in the winter!?

-My whole check in process in Uganda was one hilarity after another. No taking my computer out of my bag, or my liquids. He pointed out this water bottle I had but I went through on the plane with it.

-Before my flight in Entebbe, I had dinner at the Good African Coffee there. In typical African form, I joined two random guys at their table. One was an Indian who was born and raised in Nairobi who is a Mason. Yes, an Indian Kenyan Mason.

-I took two Ambien on my flight to Amsterdam. I remember very little from that flight.

-Upon my arrival in Atlanta and about to go through my 100000 security line, I saw a man with an Iowa Hawkeyes hat AND shirt. I couldn't stop my grin.

-During another security line, the guy that was checking my entry pass commented on my necklace which is a paper bead necklace that one of our bead ladies made. He said he liked it and asked where I got it from. I resisted gushing all about Jennifer, the one who made the necklace but I wanted to tell him ALL about her and how they make the jewelry and how much I LOVE her. Instead, I said, "I live in Uganda and got it there". Concise enough, right?

-I keep wanting to say things with a Ugandan accent and have to stop myself.

-I keep wanting to call people "sabo" (sir) and "nyabo" (ma'am) (which I know I totally spelled them wrong but let me blame jet lag, ok?) but knowing that they wouldn't know what I was meaning. Those are the two things that I have to mentally go through whenever I speak the most.

-...but really, I haven't spoken a lot in the last 193948 hours of travel.

-It's hitting that point where my head is getting fuzzy. 5 more hours to go until I land in Lynchburg. What will my head be like then?

-When I got to Atlanta, I at last looked into a mirror. Amazing what traveling across the world does to one's appearance. Yikes.

-I seriously wish that Atlanta had a gym or at least a treadmill. I really want to run right now. Been.Sitting.Way.Too.Long.

-I'm kind of envying people with their cell phones right now. 5 hours till I get my American cell phone back.

-At LAST, I'm close to the time zones of everyone in my family! It will be so nice to not have to coordinate these crazy times zones.

-It is SO weird to see SO MANY white people! My first thought was, "where are they all coming from!?" and then I realized where I was and how obvious the answer to that is.

-Um, I want to hug an African...

-The guy I sat next to from Amsterdam to here was African-American and I almost said the above comment to him about wanting to hug black people but I didn't think that would go over so well...

-...but for real, if I see anyone that looks African, I'm going to have to resist.

-Do you people even KNOW how incredible the internet is here!?!? Holy crap, it is SO fast and consistent and just amaazing! I'm going to get spoiled here and then go back to Africa and hit the reality of crappy internet again. Until then...ooh, soo niice!

Ok, this has to be enough. Who wants to read deliriousness? Hope to SEE all of you soon. Here's to hoping that you don't have to deal with this insanity in person.

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