Monday, July 6, 2009

Fragmented scatterbrained last minute thoughts :)

It's midnight and I'm flying out in 12 hours. The chance of this being nonsensical is very high. Here's some quick deals from this past week:

-4th of July in Cedar Rapids is one of my favorite things in the WORLD.
-I am SO SICK of packing and would like to wait a long time before I do it again.
-Speaking of such, I'm coming home for Christmas. YES! 
-This trip will include Lynchburg. YAY!
-I hate the size of malaria pills. I wish they'd make them smaller. I'm not looking forward to shoving that down my throat for the next two years.
-I'm still in surreal denial about this whole Uganda thing. When I think about it, my stomach gets all tight and scared. I'm doubting this is healthy.
-Somehow, in some way, I managed to pack LESS for Uganda than I thought. Go figure. I'm probably missing something majorly important.
-I'm really excited to use my headlamp. This is most likely not normal.
-I got to go to my home church this morning for their first Sunday at the new building. I always feel like I'm surrounded by my family when I'm there. I love it.
-I'm going to the chiropractor before my flight tomorrow. SO. EXCITED. My back is killing me. 

I know this was a riveting post for you all. I'm deliriously tired and have that sinking feeling in my stomach that I'm forgetting 1000 things...

...or maybe that's just the malaria pill hitting my stomach. Gross.

Next post written from UGANDA!!!!

Can you believe it? I can't. Craaaazy!

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Beth said...

Yea yea yea!!! Sooo excited to hear what God and you are up to down there! Keep us posted and I will be following along. God and my prayers go with you. -Beth