Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm heeere!

For the past couple days I've thought, "when I get internet, I need to blog about THIS". Unfortunately, all of that is completely escaping my mind. I did originally try to blog from my layover in Amsterdam but all of my buttons were in Dutch and then I ran out of internet time. The first couple days here have been good! My body has taken awhile to adjust so hopefully it does soon. I think I've figured out that it's going to take a looong time before reality truly sets in. I can't fully describe this. It doesn't feel like a vacation but it doesn't feel like real life yet. That will probably take weeks or months and at that time, culture shock will be insane. For now though, I've been having a blast getting to actually see everything instead of attempting to picture it in my head. I'm all settled in my room, with everything happily tucked away where it belongs. I've seen my office and met all of the office staff. A happy surprise is that all of the office staff is Ugandan! I was so thrilled! They all seem great and I have a feeling we'll be having a lot of laughs in these next couple of years.

I must mention the noises here. Currently, I can hear the honking of horns, the ringing of a school bell, the sound of a siren, people talking and a cow mooing. I haven't found the cow yet but I know it's at the back of our place somewhere. Oh, there's also these birds that when they "chirp", it sounds like an off key alarm clock but really really loud. I haven't found a snooze button for them yet.

Oh, I've also had really random songs enter my head. Most of them have been really encouraging worship songs that the lyrics mean so much in that time. I know that God has been speaking to me through that. Some have been more random like Alabama's "Roll On 18 Wheeler". I have no idea. It came out of nowhere.

Dinner is about to be served so I'll have to cut this short. Your prayers mean so much as I transition to life here. I already know that there are tough times ahead. I also know that GOD is here with me. He didn't desert me in Amsterdam. He didn't guide me here just to walk away. I know that through all the good, bad and frustrating, He has called me here. That is my comfort.

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