Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miracles: Big and Small

On Friday, I had to get to Brian and Renee's house from the coffee shop that I was at. I knew how to get there but didn't know how to relate it to a boda boda driver. They live off of a big road called Logogo Bypass. It would be like, in Lynchburg, telling a taxi driver that where you wanted to go was off of Wards Rd. somewhere or if, in Cedar Rapids, 1st Ave. They are such long roads that there's no way to tell how far one needs to go. I was concerned about conveying this as it would depend on how much he would charge me. I also wasn't completely confident in where the turn was. I would know it if I passed it but knowing ahead of time would be my problem. Nikola, my short term missionary roomie, had a number of a boda driver who drove them around enough to know where Brian and Renee lived. I had meant to get the number from her earlier but forgot. She told me to just ask the boda drivers for "Ivan" to see if he was there. I walked out of the coffee shop, called her to confirm where I was to look and she said that she would call Ivan to see if he could come to the coffee shop area where I was. I hung up with her as I was walking through the parking lot to get to the corner where the boda drivers were. Right then, a random lonesome boda started driving through the parking lot. I stopped him and asked him if he knew of a boda driver named "Ivan" and if he was close by.

He looked at me and said, "Yes, I am Ivan!"

I couldn't believe it! God had just answered my prayer! I told him that I was friends with Nikola and that I needed to get to Brian and Renee's. He told me that he knew exactly where to go. At the moment, his cell phone rang. It was Nikola calling.

Oh, and I now have Ivan's number in my cell phone as "Ivan boda".

God confirms His faithfulness, care and protection again and again and...again.

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