Friday, July 10, 2009

Miracles: Big and Small

I want to start a series where I can write out the different miracles that God does. I have to figure out exactly how to make a cool tab where they're all related (Jenna? Help?) but here's the first.

Liberty donated two computers to Hope Alive! and I brought them over with all of my stuff. With everything, I had two suitcases and two cardboard Dell boxes filled with the computers and some of my random stuff. It was pouring in Amsterdam for my five hour layover there. When I got my stuff in the Kampala airport, one of my suitcases and one of the Dell boxes was clearly soaked. I wasn't able to inspect the damage until I got to the house late that night. Although most of my stuff in the suitcase was in plastic bags, everything that wasn't was absolutely drenched. I could have wrung out the clothes and it wouldn't have even made a difference. Nothing was completely ruined but there was some damage. I then checked out the Dell box, praying that the computer would be fine. The box itself was so wet that it just mostly tore apart. When I opened the box, all of the content inside were completely dry. It was unreal. It all should have been destroyed especially since it was in cardboard but miraculously, God protected it.

Ah, this is just the first one... :)

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