Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I thought I'd write a little PS to my previous note. Life in Uganda is different, very very different. Beyond the things listed below, there's things like wanting to buy milk but the grocery stores aren't selling milk that day. Or wanting to do laundry but never being home when the water is actually turned on (I seriously have a huge stack of laundry waiting for the time when I'm home and the water is on). It's different than anything I've ever known.


It's worth it. What are dirty clothes compared to persecution for Christ? What are bugs compared to what HE has done for me? Just as Christ left His culture to reach us, I have left mine to reach this one through Christ. He had much more culture shock to endure than I. I don't like that word, "endure". I'm not "enduring" here. I'm ENJOYING here. There is a firm confidence that no matter what, this is the exact place that God has me. I'm not out there searching and wondering what I will do next or pining to be fulfilled in my job. I am doing exactly that right now. I know that I'm one of the few that can say such things and for that, I am honored and thrilled. 

Another difference? I thought that when I came here, I'd eat no sweets since the Africans I know only have fruit for dessert. The other American missionaries have made sure that I have had my share of all sweets. I've seriously eaten more cookies and sweets in the past week than I have in the past month. Ridiculous. 

...but oh soo tasty.

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