Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Much To Say

In wanting to update this, I've been trying to figure out what exactly to include. There's just so much that I want to share. This past week has been full of experiences but also lessons. Lots of lessons. I had another driving lesson which went really well. I took to the roads with the manual van which taught me A LOT. 

There's obviously a lot of differences in living here. I've gotten used to quite a few but then, sometimes, I go back to my American self and forget some basics. Thought I'd list a couple:
-I got on a boda boda, put my hands on his shoulders and waited to take off. The driver made this sort of noise that made me remember that I was NOT supposed to be touching him. At all. I quickly took my hands off him and put them on the metal bar behind me.
-Getting ready one morning, I flipped my hair straightener on to warm up and walked out to get something. I returned and the straightener was still cold. On each outlet, there's a switch to turn the outlet itself on. I had forgotten to do that.
-I piled all of my clothes into the washer to get some laundry done. Flipped the electrical switch on (I'm soo smart), waited for the water to then realize that it was after the time where they shut the water off. Dangit.
-We were out of milk so I stopped by the store to get some when I was already out. They were, not surprisingly, out of milk. That's not so much a me thing as everything here is just like that. Most of the time, when going to a grocery store, you can expect that half of your items aren't being sold that day. Yes, they could have been on the shelf yesterday but, today? Negative.

There's many more that I can't remember now but remember thinking at the time, "one more to add to that list!". Life here is obviously an adjustment. I think that this week made me realize even more that I'm LIVING here, not just visiting. I'm starting to get into my job more, meeting more people, realizing what a "normal" week might look like, etc. I've been developing all sorts of incredible friendships. God has truly blessed me and I am given far more grace than what I deserve.

Speaking of grace...that's one of the things that He's been teaching me. I finished my book on the Rwandan genocide which is truly fascinating. You need to read it. Seriously.

All of that makes me contemplate, why me? Why was I born in America? Why was I fed three times a day? Why was I allowed to get an education? Why was I not born in a poverty stricken country that called for my people's death?

Grace, grace...God's grace. Undeserved grace.

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Meredith said...

It has been soo fascinating to read your blog. It has been great to get a peek of what I am getting ready to enter into. It is so encouraging to see how much the Lord is providing for you everyday. I hope that we get to meet-up when I get to Kampala in September!